Atarashii MAL API

API for MyAnimeList

Project Details

  • Status : Discontinued / Superceded
  • Languages / Frameworks : PHP, Symfony Framework

Atarashii MyAnimeList API

For a long time, the popular list-managing website MyAnimeList didn’t have a proper API. This stunted development of integrations and mobile applications as each product would need to make their own integration via HTML parsing and emulation of a browser to get the information it needed.

This problem happened when creating the Atarashii application for Android. In the beginning, the application used an API interface that other developers created and kindly hosted publicly. When that went down, it also broke the application. Seeing the need for a greater ownership, we decided to create our own API that we could self-host and this was the outcome. While it originally hewed close to the same interface, it soon grew into a unique implementation that focused on a sane and well-designed API that could be understood and used quickly.

At its peak, the API was used by thousands of people daily and multiple projects either used our hosted version or ran their own copy with the source code.

Work on this API was discontinued in 2018 and the project as a whole was superceded when MyAnimeList released their long-awaited official API in late 2019.