Hide SMF Version


This modification provides a way to toggle display of the SMF version you are running. It has been tested to support 1.1.0 and newer.


This mod is in response to the many people asking for a way to hide the version of SMF they are running. Many are mistaken in that it will help them avoid attacks. This is incorrect. Most "hackers" nowadays are nothing more than bored script kiddies that run packs to try anything and everything and see what sticks. It doesn't matter if you aren't running on Windows, or you don't have Joomla!, Drupal, or phpBB installed as the scripts will try attacks for those things anyway.

Regardless, people constantly complain about the need to hide the version from public view. This mod was created so they can do this safely while still being able to see important updates in the admin area.


Please download from the Hide SMF Version mod page on the SMF mod site.